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Easy Fairings Armour Bodies Pro-Series Race/Track Fairings: 05-06 Honda CBR600RR


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Armour Bodies PRO-Series Fiberglass Bodywork: 05-06 Honda CBR600RR
If you are looking for premium quality bodywork, we recommend Armour Bodies. Superior construction, fitment, and ultra-flexible primer set these race fairings apart from the rest.

AMA-Ready Bodywork Construction

5 Pieces (front wheel fender, upper fairing, belly pan/lowers, tank cover, & superbike tail)
Lightweight construction (around 5 lb)
Ultra-Flexible resin material construction
Smooth high-quality primered finish
Oil Catch Belly Pan

Fits the Following Models

2005 Honda CBR600RR
2006 Honda CBR600RR

About Armour Bodies Bodywork
Armour Bodies award-winning fit and finish that took the industry by storm when Armour Bodies scored among the leaders in every category in the Roadracing World bodywork comparison. This bodywork has exceptional fitment, the highest durability, and was rated #1 in surface finish and flexibility.

Armour Bodies Pro-Series Fairings top of the line bodywork is made with unique resin derived from the Kayak racing industry, giving it the ability to withstand the rigors of the racetrack. Only large sheets of fiberglass with minimal use of mill fiber are used, giving the fairings the best possible structural integrity. Each part is then hand sanded, individually fit together, and finished in a high quality primer that is ready for paint after a light scuff.

This bodywork will save you time and money every step of the way with faster prep time, paint, installation.
The painter will just have to give the bodywork a scuff before painting.
Large sheets fiberglass together with unique resin are designed to keep you on track after a fall
The resin is fully compatible with commonly available fiberglass repair kits

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